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We provide occupational therapy (OT) services to the pediatric population, and their families, on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.  Services can also be arranged on the Mainland.  ACE Therapy For Kids is one of the few private practices providing occupational therapy in the Cowichan Valley.  Our new clinic space has plenty of natural lighting, is in a spectacular location overlooking the ocean, and is the only home-based clinic in the Valley with outdoor intervention space.  We specialize in helping children who have sensory processing difficulties including those who may be diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum (ASD), with ADHD/ADD, Learning Disabilities, Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), and Behavioral Challenges.  We are located near the small village of Cowichan Bay, British Columbia.


ACE Therapy for Kids was created in 2002 by its owner, Amanda Baker, out of the desire to better serve children and families’ individual needs. Since then, ACE Therapy For Kids has contracted other occupational therapists, a psychologist, and an interventionist and worked with other private and public professionals, while serving the unique needs of our clients in the community.  A home-based clinic space was created in the summer of 2015 to more effectively provide services to meet these needs.

MISSION:  By providing  therapeutic services, ACE Therapy For Kids is dedicated to improving the quality of life of children and their families.
VISION:  Children and their families will have support in all areas of their lives (physical, mental, and spiritual) in order to achieve an optimum balance and sense of well-being.
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